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Nicole Soames is a highly qualified coach and emotional intelligence practitioner. She gained extensive commercial experience during 12 years of managing large sales teams at Unilever and United Biscuits, followed by 18 years developing and delivering training programmes around the world. In 2009 Nicole founded Diadem, a leading commercial skills training and coaching company. With hundreds of clients across the globe, Diadem has helped thousands of people become commercial athletes in influencing and selling, negotiation, account management, marketing, presenting, strategy, coaching, leadership and management. Nicole is also the bestselling author of The Negotiation Book, The Influence Book, The Presenting Book and The Coaching Book, all part of the Concise Advice Series from LID Publishing.

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Powerful advice and guidance for developing your EQ

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to manage your own emotions and those of others. It is one of the most underrated skills in business and work that anyone can develop and use effectively. In this book, Nicole Soames shows you how to develop your self-awareness, social skills, self-management and ambition in order to cope with and succeed in your work and career. The great news is that your EQ – unlike your IQ – is not fixed, it can be developed over time with a bit of guidance and practice. The Emotional Intelligence Book provides practical and authoritative advice on making a difference through EQ. 

Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher: LID Publishing (Oct. 2023)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-911687-85-6 
Product Dimensions: 11.9 x 17.8 cm

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Praise for The Emotional Intelligence Book

“Looking to lower your stress levels, build healthy relationships, adopt a positive mindset and bounce back from setbacks? Then this book is for you! Nicole has personally helped me to develop an emotionally intelligent approach to my career, which in turn is helping me lead a more meaningful life.”



“All too often we focus on people’s academic ability or technical skills – this book is a powerful reminder of the crucial role emotional intelligence plays in setting you up for success in your personal and professional life.”



“This book is a must read! Discover why emotional intelligence is the catalyst that will accelerate your success, whatever your walk of life.”

BEN LATTY, Commercial Director


“No matter what your job is, we all read to develop our emotional intelligence to boost our self-confidence, adapt to change and build strong relationships with others.”

DEBBIE EMERY, Director of Talent, Learning and Development and EDI, Corsearch


“As Nicole points out in this inspiring book – life is not a dress rehearsal. Whatever your stage of life, follow her excellent advice to help you achieve your full potential.”

KITTA VIRTAVUO, CPO, F-secure Corporation


A practical guide to help you master the art of presenting

We often hear the phrase “you only get one chance to make a great first impression” when, in fact, it’s the impressions we make on a daily basis that make a compelling personal brand. In today’s increasingly competitive world, the ability to present the best version of yourself in both formal and informal situations is critical to your success. The Presenting Book is an inspiring and engaging handbook packed with Nicole Soames’ expert advice, practical tools and exercises.
This book will teach you how to become a highly skilled presenter in all areas of your life – whether you’re presenting a sales report to the board, promoting your personal brand online, networking at an event or being the key-note speaker at a conference. You’ll learn how to develop your emotional intelligence, capture and hold peoples’ attention and deliver your performance with confidence.

Hardcover: 128 pages
Publisher: LID Publishing (Oct. 2020)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-19125555710
Product Dimensions: 11.9 x 17.8 cm

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Praise for The Presenting Book

“Nicole’s undoubted passion, expertise and engaging style makes The Presenting Book a must-read for people at all levels of an organization where presenting in both informal and formal environments are critical to business success.”

Chris Curtis, Supply Chain Director, Global Combat Ship-BAE Systems


“If you want to win you customers’ hearts and minds, this book is a must-read. Nicole’s real world experience really helps you learn how to clarify your audience’s needs, build trust and credibility, and deliver a confident and memorable performance that takes your customers with you on a journey.”

Paul Price, General Manager Northern Europe, Nivea


“In an age dominated by social media and the desire for perfection, Nicole Soames shares her expert advice on how to feel comfortable in your own skin and present a real and authentic version of yourself every time you interact with others.”

Jeanie York, CTIO, Virgin Media


“How you present yourself to the world, communicate your ideas and differentiate yourself from others will ultimately determine your success in life. This book urges all of us to take inspiration from how big brands are managed and apply these branding techniques to ‘brand you’ so you can shine a spotlight on your key strengths and carve a niche that differentiates you from your peers.”

Ivor Burns, Head of Marketing Strategy & Activation, Camelot


“Unlike most other books on presenting, The Presenting Book doesn’t only focus on how to give big formal presentations. Instead, it reminds us that the secret to success is consistently presenting the best version of ourselves in every day, informal situations.”

Hon-Yan Yap, Head of Recruitment and European Training and Development, Lazard


A motivational handbook packed full of expert advice on how to become a confident and capable coach

Coaching is an art, but it’s far easier said than done. It takes courage to ask a question rather than offer up advice, provide an answer or unleash a solution. Giving another person the opportunity to find their own way, make their own mistakes, and create their own wisdom is both brave and vulnerable. Emotional intelligence can help leaders and coaches recognize how attitudes – both their own and those of the people they coach –prevent individuals from reaching their potential.

Hardcover: 144 pages
Publisher: LID Publishing (17 Oct. 2019)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1912555530
ISBN-13: 978-1912555536
Product Dimensions: 11.9 x 17.8 cm

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Praise for The Coaching Book

“Whatever your role, everyone needs a sounding board to help them order their thoughts, challenge their thinking and inspire their new goals. The Coaching Book is a valuable handbook, expertly showing the important role coaching plays in empowering people to be the very best that they can be.”

Mike Saunter, International Chief Financial Officer,
Clear Channe


“When leaders coach well, it’s clear to see how it drives engagement and motivates individuals to be the best that they can be. This book adopts a step-by-step approach to help you practically apply coaching as a skill in and out of the workplace.”

Janie Links, HR Director, Trainline


“This book is packed with easy-to-apply coaching tools and techniques to help you unlock your team’s potential and maximize their performance so you can stand out from the competition.”

Duncan Macdonald, Chief Information Officer, UPC


“Nicole’s books are an inspiring and practical read and
The Coaching Book is no exception. Her straightforward style and pragmatic approach to coaching provides you with lots of handy examples and exercises to use to develop a coaching style of management. I’m delighted to recommend this book.”

Kate Buller, Director, Executive Coaching Company


“Coaching is an absolutely vital tool every leader must have at their disposal if they are committed to fulfilling the potential of their individuals and ultimately their team. With The Coaching Book, Nicole Soames takes you on a journey to develop your coaching skills with confidence, clearly demonstrating that when coaching is properly applied, not only will your team fulfil their potential – but everyone will realize that they can go so far beyond what was ever thought possible!.”

PJ Bain, Chief Executive Officer, PrimeRevenue Inc


“The larger your teams grow, the more important it is to empower and equip them to make their own decisions. This book is packed with easy-to-apply coaching tools and techniques to help you unlock your team’s potential and maximize their performance so you can stand out from the competition.”

Chris Wallis, Senior Director Sales, Expedia


An essential read to discover the secret to influencing success and making it easier for people to say yes! 

In today’s digital age, where we are bombarded with more information than ever before, the power to influence has never been more important. Whatever walk of life, you will need to draw on your influencing skills to get people to agree with your point of view. The Influence Book is an inspiring and engaging handbook packed with expert advice, practical tools, and exercises to help you become a master of influence. This book will help you develop your emotional intelligence so you can become a highly skilled influencer in all areas of your life – whether you’re influencing customers, colleagues, family or friends.  

Paperback: 16 pages
Publisher: LID Publishing (17 Aug. 2023)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1911687980
ISBN-13: 978-1-91168798-6 
Product Dimensions: 11.9 x 17.8 cm

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The practical guide to help you master the art of influencing

We all try to influence other people a lot of the time. Yet more often than not, we don’t even realize we’re doing it. Whether it’s pitching a business idea to potential investors, persuading a client to agree to your proposal or asking a colleague to embrace a new way of working – this book will give you the tools and techniques you need to develop your emotional intelligence so you can become a strong influencer who motivates the other person to say “yes” to your idea or recommendation.

Hardcover: 128 pages
Publisher: LID Publishing (8 Nov. 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1911498924
ISBN-13: 978-1911498926
Product Dimensions: 11.9 x 17.8 cm

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Praise for The Influence Book

“Whether you’re influencing at work or informally, The Influence Book is a practical and engaging guide, with an easy-to-apply framework to help you put influencing theory into practice on a daily basis. We all need to influence others and this is the very best handbook on how to excel at it!”

Dr Duncan Garrood, CEO Bills Restaurants, formerly CEO of Punch Taverns


“Nicole Soames is proving to be as dynamic in print as she is in the classroom. If you’re looking to find that extra yard in life, The Influence Book is time extremely well invested.”

Olly Dale, Commercial Director, Liverpool Football


“A great read and a ton of practical takeaways. This book shows the real power of harnessing your EQ to listen with empathy, put yourself in the other person’s shoes and build effective rapport. Soames shows convincingly how you can motivate people to establish a shared point of view and achieve so much more.”

Dr Martyn Newman, Clinical Psychologist specializing in Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness, Author of The Mindfulness Book


“A must read – packed with expert advice, real life examples and easy-to-use exercises to help develop a confident mindset to take your influencing skills to the next level and improve your own performance.”

Damian Mulcock, Vice President and General Manager, Cisco


“Do yourself a favour and buy The Influence Book today! It’s packed with practical advice and everyday application to help you inspire those around you.”

Neil Flash, Managing Director EMEA, DNA Communications


“Nicole Soames brilliantly demonstrates the crucial role understanding different communication styles plays in helping you influence other people whether you’re in London, New York or Hong Kong.”

James Arnold, Head of Global Markets, Investec



“Your influence is your legacy, so invest in yourself and buy this book! Nicole gets to the heart of what it means to be influential – giving you the tools and techniques you need to build a powerful personal brand in an authentic and compelling way.”

Duncan Macdonald, Vice President, Consumer Solutions & Digital Transformation, Liberty Global


“Whatever your walk of life, the ability to influence other people lies at the heart of success. This book takes you on a journey to become a strong influencer – whether you’re influencing other people in the classroom, the boardroom or in your own home!”

Brigadier Gareth Collett CBE, Managing Director, Optima UK


“The Influence Book cleverly brings to life the power of storytelling to win other people’s hearts and minds. Nicole’s step-by-step approach gives the reader the framework and confidence they need to build an engaging and influential story that delivers real results.”

Meghan Farren, Chief Marketing Officer KFC UK & Ireland, Yum Brands


“The go-to-book for anyone who wants to inspire and motivate their team to raise up from their comfort zone, embrace change and reach their peak performance.”

Andy Riddle, Sales Director, KP Snacks

Practical steps to become a master negotiator

This book will help you develop your emotional intelligence so you can become a highly skilled negotiator in all areas of your life – whether you’re negotiating with customers, colleagues, family or friends. It will equip you with the tools and techniques to put negotiation theory into practice.

Learn how to develop a winning mind-set, prepare successfully for any negotiation, recognise and respond to different negotiation situations, deal effectively with gameplay, manage the negotiation conversation and understand how to draw the negotiations to a successful close. The Negotiation Book is an inspiring and engaging handbook packed with Nicole Soames’ expert advice, practical tools and exercises to help you master the art of negotiation.

Hardcover: 128 pages
Publisher: LID Publishing (19 Oct. 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1911498421

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Praise for the Negotiation Book

“A no-nonsense approach to negotiation combining EQ, commercial know-how and proven expertise. This book is a practical guide to help you have confident negotiations whatever the scenario.”

Dr Martyn Newman, Clinical Psychologist specialising in Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness


“This book will equip you with all the tools and techniques you need at the negotiating table – you’ll understand how to build a winning mindset, manage the negotiation conversation and close with confidence so you can achieve the best possible results.”

Malcolm Ritchie, Chairman, Treehouse Group, formerly CEO, United Biscuits and President, Heinz Europe


“If you want to hone your negotiation skills, then this book is a must read! Packed with practical tips to help you weave negotiation into your every day life, The Negotiation Book will inspire and support you to raise your negotiation game.”

Duncan Macdonald, VP, Liberty Global


“The go-to book on negotiation. Discover how to deal with negotiating gameplay so you can have confident commercial conversations whatever the situation.”

Colin Hutchinson, Chief Operating Officer, Edgewell Personal Care


” After reading The Negotiation Book, I can now say I’ve learnt everything I need to know to help me master the art of negotiation!”

Major General Jonathan Shaw, Chairman, Optima


“If you want to become a world-class negotiator, I strongly suggest you read this book. You’ll learn how to harness your EQ to truly understand what makes you and the other party tick so you can successfully negotiate a win-win outcome.”

James Arnold, Head of Global Markets, Investec Bank


“I strongly recommend you read The Negotiation Book – an easy and engaging read packed with expert advice designed to help you take your negotiation skills to the next level. Nicole has a very straightforward and clear way of laying out the art of negotiation and the necessity of learning how to navigate important conversations.”

Matthew Serynek, Managing Director, IHS Markit


“Easy to understand and full of everyday scenarios that bring negotiation theory to life, The Negotiation Book’s step-by-step approach to developing your negotiation skills is an inspiring read.”

Mandy Ferguson, VP, Harlequi

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